Thursday, August 12, 2004

People Get Ready

The chair where all knit things begin.

I realized the other day that for all my griping about the lack of progress on the Chocolate Vest, I never actually posted a photo. So, I pulled it out from the depths of the stitching basket and made it pose. I'm a few rows into the armholes, if you look closely, you might be able to see. (or not, since the stockinette is curling something fierce).

Also posing is Latifa - she's growing faster than anything these days. I can get about 1.5 color blocks done a night -- and after three 12-hour days this week so far, that's all the knitting I have stamina for. She's about 34 inches at this point, about halfway done. (Is it winter already? I'm so ready!)

I did find the stamina last night to swing by Knit Happens, and found a rousing knit-night in progress. Of course, I just needed to go and pick up some goodies for my secret pal and then head home, so I didn't stay and stitch. Maybe next time.

Tomorrow the boyfriend and I are heading up to New York, to a friend's country house north of the city. I can't wait -- I've really needed a long getaway. It's very peaceful up there, provided I can avoid the lyme disease I picked up on the last trip. (2 months of antibiotics is not to be wished on anyone.) We're going to leave tomorrow morning and stop in Philly for cheesesteaks (for him) and water ice (for me). He's promised to drive most of the way, so I plan to tackle a good chunk of the navy scarf that's been languishing. And as a backup, I'll pack in the loopy cowl, to see if I can wrestle that loopy pattern to the ground.

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