Thursday, August 19, 2004

I'm Moving

I've decided to switch my blog, and blog hosting service. Please (all two of you out there) come visit me at Please be patient while I get everything up in working order.

See you there!

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Thanks, New Jersey

round and round and round and round
This photo represents roughly four hours of knitting on the godforsaken New Jersey turnpike. It is, perhaps, the ONLY good to come out of Sunday's drive through the Garden State. Nothing against anyone who lives there. I just can't seem to win against NJ traffic... we returned from central New York state on Sunday afternoon, only to come to a dead stop four times on the NJ Turnpike for no apparent reason.... no accidents, no tolls, just... stop. Luckily the boyfriend handled it when I couldn't anymore, and I pulled out the knitting.

This is the latest work-in-progress of mine: the Loopy Velez Cowl from the Stitch'N'Bitch book. This is take two on this project... the first time, I realized that I'd been doing the loops all wrong and they were slipping out as I kept knitting. This time I think I've got them right... but I'm not convinced that it's actually big enough to fit over my head.

It's not for me, tho. It's a long-overdue gifty for a friend. I'm hoping to have it done by the time it gets cold. And the four inches I got done in NJ represent the only tricky parts of the pattern... now there's just 7 inches of knit left.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

People Get Ready

The chair where all knit things begin.

I realized the other day that for all my griping about the lack of progress on the Chocolate Vest, I never actually posted a photo. So, I pulled it out from the depths of the stitching basket and made it pose. I'm a few rows into the armholes, if you look closely, you might be able to see. (or not, since the stockinette is curling something fierce).

Also posing is Latifa - she's growing faster than anything these days. I can get about 1.5 color blocks done a night -- and after three 12-hour days this week so far, that's all the knitting I have stamina for. She's about 34 inches at this point, about halfway done. (Is it winter already? I'm so ready!)

I did find the stamina last night to swing by Knit Happens, and found a rousing knit-night in progress. Of course, I just needed to go and pick up some goodies for my secret pal and then head home, so I didn't stay and stitch. Maybe next time.

Tomorrow the boyfriend and I are heading up to New York, to a friend's country house north of the city. I can't wait -- I've really needed a long getaway. It's very peaceful up there, provided I can avoid the lyme disease I picked up on the last trip. (2 months of antibiotics is not to be wished on anyone.) We're going to leave tomorrow morning and stop in Philly for cheesesteaks (for him) and water ice (for me). He's promised to drive most of the way, so I plan to tackle a good chunk of the navy scarf that's been languishing. And as a backup, I'll pack in the loopy cowl, to see if I can wrestle that loopy pattern to the ground.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Monday, Monday

As predicted, no knitting accomplished this weekend. Atlantic City was a lot of fun--the birthday girl had a good turnout and we all really enjoyed ourselves--until we got to our room at the hotel. (the non-fancy, non-birthday-girl's hotel, but the cheap, off-boardwalk alternative.) It was ACROSS THE HALL from an all-night dance club. Literally. Three feet across the hall was thumping trance music. When my alarm went off at 8:15 the next morning, my three roommates and I all had the exact same two thoughts: Oh my god, that music is STILL playing. And then: Let's get the %@#! out of here. I didn't even want to shower in that place. It was worth smelling bad for the four-hour car ride to shower in a place I've personally cleaned.

I did find out that a friend of mine is a fellow knitter! We had some friends over to play cards last night and at one point, one girl said, hmm, maybe I'll sit out a few hands and knit. It was like finding a needle in a haystack -- a fellow serendipitous knitter! Fun.

CONFIDENTIAL TO SECRET PAL: Thanks for the postcard! It was a nice surprise. I'm sorry I've not given you much to work with -- I've sorta updated the about me page, but here's the questionnaire Heidi sent out -- I hope it helps!

Are you a yarn snob? Not specifically. I'll knit with just about anything, but all the better if it's buttery soft to the touch.

Do you spin or crochet? No.

Do you have any allergies? I'm severely allergic to cats.

How long have you been knitting? About a year.

Do you have an online wish list? No.

What's your favorite scent? Lavender. I also like lemon verbena.

What other crafts do you do? Um, none.

What kind of music do you like? I guess that would be "alternative," if there is such a thing. Right now the discs in my car are: the latest Beastie Boys (most frequently listened to; it rocks), along with Tori Amos, Jack Johnson, Beta Band, U2 and the Indigo Girls.

What's your favorite color? Hmm, that's tough. Probably either icy lime green or rich cranberry. My wardrobe pretty much alternates between rich earth tones (cranberry, hunter green, navy, chocolate) and icy sherbet colors (lemon, baby blue, lime, pale pink). I hate turquoise and orange.

What's your family situation? I live with my boyfriend of 2.5 years. We long for a puppy, but need a yard first.

Life dreams? Um, I'll get back to you when I figure them out.

Friday, August 06, 2004

Whispers of Fall

I see fabulous new dark denim items in my future to match.
Okay. If you'd told me six months ago that I'd make a long scarf on size 3 needles, I might've smacked you. And yet, here we are - Latifa. I've been working on her this week because I can do roughly one color section per evening, and I don't have to pay much attention to it. She's probably about 25% done at this point -- not quite 20" long. And I do love me the scarves. At last count, I had about 12, and all were acquired before I started knitting. My favorite, the one that got me through all winter last year, is a lime green cashmere one that was a splurge from Coach (before they splashed their fugly logo all over everything). But anyway. The colors on this scarf completely delight me, and I can't stop wishing it were fall. (And the 65-degree air I woke up to this morning really didn't help me on that point, though it was a nice illusion.)

The fall weather is delightful but reminds me that there is one outstanding project I really need to get in gear for: some sort of a stole. Tonight is a date (a real date! with reservations and everything!) with the boyfriend and the dress I plan to wear probably won't be warm enough. I need to make something like Katie's Estonian Garden Scarf or Julia's fantastic rhomboid Birch. I'm leaning toward the latter. Maybe in the Kidsilk Haze Drab color. What a terrible name for a yarn color -- there's no way something made from KSH could ever be Drab!

This weekend I'm off to Atlantic City for a friend's birthday. I expect it to be craptastic, but not very knitterly.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Small Break

I seem to be on a small break from knitting right now. Part of it I think is my frustration at not being fast enough to meet my half-done goal on the chocolate vest, but there also have been other considerations this week. Like last night -- friends are moving, and they have graciously cast off an enormous television our way. So, we picked it up and trucked it up to our place. No small task, since the elevator in our building is still out (grrr.) By the time we got it hooked up and went to eat, there was only enough energy to sit in a daze and look at the life-size images on the other end of the living room. pretty. I can't wait until we get the speakers hooked up. Home theater here I come!

Monday, August 02, 2004

Monday, Monday

Quite the busy weekend - but productive, if not in a real knittingish way. It all started when I met up with a bunch of friends on Friday for a rooftop happy hour. Mostly folks that I've known since high school, and when that particular high school is about 1000 miles away, that's no small feat.

Saturday involved picking up some herbs, meat and veggies at Eastern Market, then helping a friend move, then cleaning the apartment. I only had a couple of hours for stitching before I had to fetch the boy from the airport late that night. I managed to make some progress on the chocolate vest -- a bit past the armholes, but still about 8 inches shy of finished. I'm not sure if I'll get any more done on it before the GOP convention leaves me a bachelorette again. Time to work on other projects!